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Nudes - What lurks in the shadows? - part 1 of 1 2 3 4

by Andy Cubin Published 01/02/2014

In Posing Pouch 10, we began looking at the nude and how to pose the figure in order to stay tasteful and keep within the bounds of 'implied nude'.

Time to get a little dangerous and start to utilise poses that, on their own, might be considered risque in the nude genre and certainly would drift well away from the 'implied' caveat. In this article we get into low-key lighting on a dark background and therefore welcome shadow and light into our poses.

This allows us to 'hide' elements of the body, not necessarily with carefully placed hands, arms and legs but with shadows generated by limbs or the body itself.

Figure 1

Aficionados of Posing Pouch will rush to point out that this series of articles is supposed to be about posing and suddenly I have introduced lighting but, in my honourable defence, and as will be seen, it is the poses themselves that generate the shadows in combination with the placement and direction of the lights. Purist I am not!

Also new, is my brave, nude, male model Andrew, who valiantly stripped off (for his first time) for the purposes of this article - more about him (and of him!) later.

Once of the simplest lighting set-ups to get nice powerful art nude poses is the single light. I prefer the strip-box with the egg-crate attachment to straighten up the light. This controls the spill very well and is both highly directional as well as relatively soft because it's big. This light comes in from 90° left or right and we use a dark, preferably black, background. Figure 1 shows the configuration.

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1st Published 01/02/2014
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