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Nudes - What lurks in the shadows? - part 3 of 1 2 3 4

by Andy Cubin Published 01/02/2014

Figure 4

From Figure 4, the main light (which was a gridded beauty dish) has been raised to high camera-right with a small strip to camera-left and behind the model pointing back into her right side. The line of light can be seen on her arm and down her right side - this is the carving bit and to see the undiluted effect before shooting, the photographer should switch off all the other lighting to get a full appreciation of the carving effect.

An added benefit of setting the beauty dish high up and asking the model to pose with her legs crossed is the shadow area created around the crotch area. In Figure 4, the muscular structure of the model's stomach is still evident, but lower down is nicely hidden.

Figure 5

Posing men nude presents its own problems for (I hope!) obvious reasons. In order to hide his genitalia, care must be exercised in the direction of the light (and therefore the shadow created).

The two-light set-up was used again - main light and the carver. In Figure

5, I had the model twist away from the main light which generated light and shadow on his tattooed arm, chest and abdomen whilst creating a pubic shadow generated by his hip bone. I then moved the model's left hand in order to deepen the shadow area in the lee of the main light to further diminish the detail from the waist down. Also worth noting is the shadow created by his right arm in blocking the carving light at precisely the right area to prevent his nethers being lit.

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1st Published 01/02/2014
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