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Shane Miller & Charlie Kaufman get fresh with boudoir photography - part 5 of 1 2 3 4 5

by Charlie Kaufman Published

We are already well on our way with the forming of the group, domain names have been purchased, consumer and group websites are under development and our new promotional video is almost finished. Members of Boudoir by Fresh will have started their compulsory training (included in their membership) at the Fresh Academy on 6 June. During the day, they will see, first hand, the sensual and sophisticated style that we are aiming for. They will also receive direction in sales and localised marketing, as well as gather plenty of exciting ideas for set and background designs.

In addition to our many media and retail partners, Boudoir by Fresh will be marketed via Click's existing gift experience partners. These prestigious partners include:, Activity Superstore and Virgin Experiences. One of the UK's largest online gift companies will be exclusively launching Boudoir by Fresh during May and June this year as a 'Headline Priority Experience' to their entire database of buyers, and many of their online partners. Boudoir by Fresh gift experiences will not be sold for less than £45 making them the most expensive product our group currently sells. This will ensure that our member studios receive a clientele with a higher disposable incomes.

We have already had a tremendous response. Over 50 studios have already joined Boudoir by Fresh in the last two weeks and claimed their EXCLUSIVE geographic areas. We know that in Boudoir, we have an exceptional product so if you are interested in learning more about Boudoir by Fresh and how you can get involved with this sensational new venture or either of our other respected and successful groups please call us today on 01923 297417

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