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The Evolution of Boudoir Photography - part 4 of 1 2 3 4

by Sue Altenburg Published 01/12/2008

A classic fireplace look and setting.

Long gone is the look of the 80s big hair, lacy, frilly, lingerie and very elaborate sets. We've opted for a look today in our boudoir portraits that is current and reflects what women see on TV and in magazines. We've updated our sets over the years, replacing our white, country bedroom set with eyelet bedspread and pitcher of tulips with a contemporary, sleek white futon. We've gone back to the classic Hollywood era for satin sheets in burgundy, black or gold for overhead portraits. Pin-up style and vintage-inspired portraits have become very popular so we have added sets and props to create portraits with a retro feel. Always looking for something new to offer our clients, we've recently added custom body painting as another option.

We now have a complete hair and make-up area in the studio and our stylist stays with the client throughout their entire session. By offering sessions that include between four and six background and clothing changes, we can give the client a variety of looks in hair and make-up from classic to urban to vintage or pin-up. The more different looks we can produce in one portrait session, the more prints we sell!

We still project all our portrait images, now with the use of a digital projector. For local clients we opt to have them come back for their viewing two or three days after their session. That gives us time to fully retouch and enhance one or two images of our choosing to show them at the start of their viewing. Showing their own personal 'before and after retouching' helps them visualise what a finished portrait will look like and stops them from concentrating on their flaws. For out-of-town clients we can show the images immediately following their session and ship them their finished portraits.

I think it's an empowering experience for any woman to realise that she can look just like the women she sees on TV and in magazines. So often as women we compare ourselves to the ideal image of what we think those women look like and feel unworthy. I tell our clients that we offer them all the same benefits that the celebrities have: professional hair and make-up, professional retouching, and great posing and lighting. Boudoir photography touches that little girl in all women who loved to dress up in mom's high heels and put on make-up and jewelry and pretend we were glamorous women. It's the experience that sells and I know that I've done my job when they leave the studio telling me 'This is the most fun I've ever had'.

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1st Published 01/12/2008
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