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Innocence Turned - A Journey - part 3 of 1 2 3 4

by Tom Lee Published 06/06/2012

The most difficult part of the project was the video and sound editing, but even though it was traumatic at times I now have a new set of skills even though they may fall a little short of Hollywood standards. The aim of the video was not only to bring the project full circle, but to provide inspiration to other photographers who may be considering this most rewarding form of art.

As well as the fine art prints and video, an ebook for iPad/iPhone, PDF book and special edition 7"x5" photosets have been produced. All these products are available from or by contacting Tom direct - 0151 336 8216.

Was it worth it? Sometimes you have to do something due to a creative urge rather than having to do it. I have invested a great deal of personal time, money and effort to get this monkey off my back.

I have no idea whether I will recoup any of my financial input but at least I can make my future clients aware of the exciting possibilities that are available to them with this new technology. Even if the financial gains are minimal, this has been a labour of love and it's been well worth it.

The beauty of fantasy portraiture is that it is not real and the end result doesn't have to be justified to anyone. What is portrayed is exactly what is intended in the eye of the artist. So even if you can't understand the story or see the message in the images, I don't mind.

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1st Published 06/06/2012
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