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Nude Art - it's also a business - part 1 of 1 2 3 4

by Mike McNamee Published

Mike McNamee talks to Jørgen Brandt of Denmark

To Jørgen Brandt, ASWPP (portraiture) QEP (Fine Art), Nude Art is 'personal work' and business at the same time.

From his Copenhagen-based studio, Jørgen Brandt makes some 50 per cent of his work in 'nude art' including artistic interpretations of maternity photos. That is quite a high percentage in any portrait studio - the rest being portraits, families, weddings and kids including new-born infants.

When you visit his studio it is almost like coming to a gallery. The shop area is large and bright, with a special bright red sofa surrounded by a lot of large images - weddings, families...and his nude art. That is women, young ones - and ones where the body shows evidence of many years of active living. In some of them you can see the face - in others it is just the nude body forming the image.

Very Personal

The images are beautiful and intense - and very personal. Even the 'body part' images are very personal, showing Jørgen's fluent posing.

It is the viewer's imagination that makes the images erotic; if you see something else, it is coming from your own imagination. 'Imagination is important to my nude art works,' says Jørgen Brandt, 'It's about what is in the picture - but it is also very much about what is not in the picture. About what you can imagine is outside the frame, what happened just before and just after. Never mind reality - when viewing, the image's reality is not present - your dreams are - the dreams of the viewer are.'

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