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Personal Work - get fresh with your camera! - part 1 of 1


by Martin Grahame-Dunn

It is not that long ago that a friend and colleague of mine laid down a challenge for me to try to 'force' me into shooting some images rather than just teaching all the time. So, accompanied by a couple of delightful models, Damian McGillycuddy turned up at our place in Spain and simply said "Get on with it!" And so I ventured into my very first fine art nudes and sort of fetishy bits.

The problem was that it was all new to me so I had to find my own visual comfort zone and decided to produce idealistic images more akin to a comic book than reality as I had always been into the work of Frank Frazetta as an art student - in short the birth of 'my' way of shooting things.

Coincidentally, around the same time I became involved with Nik Software and their wonderful range of filters and tools. All of the images here have been 'Nik'd' in some shape or form. From noise reduction with Dfine (Dfine 2.0 has now been launched), ColorEfex Pro 2.0 and finally Pro Sharpener 2.0.

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