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Revealing Venus in Tuscany - part 4 of 1 2 3 4

by Mark Laurie Published 01/10/2011

Usually the air was pretty still for the whole time we were there. But for a very short time in the evening, gusts would come up allowing us to capture the unpredictable billowing of outfits. You go through a lot of images looking for the lucky moment of expression, wind effect and expression. But wow, when it works it looks amazing. It is so much fun though, and with digital it's affordable to go crazy.

Going a little crazy is what goes into the mix for programmes such as Revealing Venus. You stretch, experiment, and shake it up. Getting back home to process the images is like opening up a treasure chest. Going through the images seems to take longer than shooting them. Every time I go through them, though, it's like a mini-vacation, with each image I consider taking me back to the time in Tuscany.

Turning the images into some form and level of fine art is exciting; it's like creating a special project each year. As we plan for our return to Italy, this time the island of Sardegna, I can look forward to a whole new set of possibilities with the addition of the sea.

Even if you don't wind up producing a limited edition, fine art nude print series, it's worth creating a project as if you are. You might call it the thrill of the hunt!

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1st Published 01/10/2011
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