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Shooting the Shoot - part 1 of 1 2

by Mike McNamee Published 06/06/2012

My job was to capture video 'footage', get some stills to tell the story of the shoot, and generally to keep out of the way so as not to become a snack for a python! The schedule is controlled by the storyboard. Each shot is built into a particular sequence to maximise the use of the team's time and the various props.

Tom starts the day by outlining the sequences for make-up girl Sue and first model, Illy Sue gets to work. This is fantasy make-up giving her a welcome opportunity to show her skills and be extra creative.

She remains on-hand all day to get the make-up up to scratch as needed and later has to prepare our second model, Louise. Shooting the Shoot - the observer's diary as told by Mike McNamee. Meanwhile Tom gets to work making some test shots and then starts the initial image making.

Mike, the snake handler arrives and unpacks the scarily large, Burmese pythons who are strong, heavy and very curious about their new surroundings. Both are hungry and Syd (the yellow one) also has a cold - keeps sneezing on everybody - cue the Kleenex!

The snakes do not always do as they are told, slithering off to explore the studio at every opportunity. Eventually Syd glides into the appointed place and Tom manages a burst of frames. Princess Freya is rather apprehensive at first but soon makes friends with her new pal.

Part of the problem is that the pythons are very heavy, difficult to hold for any length of time. As constrictors they also have to be discouraged from giving the models too much of a hugging! Imagemaker professional

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1st Published 06/06/2012
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