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The Process of Creation - part 2 of 1 2

by Jorgen Brandt Published 01/12/2010

He finds competitions fun - and a joy to win - but he finds it much more fun to evolve himself to the best he can be - and make that journey along with others, who (if you are lucky) will become friends and 'playmates' in a quest of excellence. It is great to have someone to talk images with.

A good way of getting started here is the 'qualification' systems - especially if you have access to real mentors and peers, as we all need feedback in order to evolve. Many organisations offer this - and you can also try to hook up with some open-minded friends. Being open is essential, as this is NOT about making 'clones' of anyone - it is about 'setting the image-makers free' Jørgen's quest has so far been a stressful, and at times traumatic, joy - even when things did not work and time for reflection was greatly needed. So far it has given him a Danish Fellowship, an 'sqm>photo-dk', in photo-dk/dff ( ) and made him the 17th Master Qualified European Photographer (MQEP) from the pan-European Federation of European Professional Photographers ( )

Jørgen Brandt has held a series of master classes in Denmark and in the UK. Most often based around talking about images as in Image Debate, Develop your personal Style, Creative Play, 'It is not what you see - it is how you choose to see it'. He has also held some workshops on more classic approaches as Portraiture and Fine Art Nudes, but as evolution is about the attendees' work and not his, he prefers to deliver classes where the creative process is central. He has also mentored photographers in obtaining qualifications such as 'Qualified European Photographer' - QEP.

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1st Published 01/12/2010
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