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The Models' Perspective - part 2 of 1 2 3

by John Denton Published 01/02/2014

Della by John Denton

What classes did you do?
Della: I was a bride, getting married to Gaz several times. As well as doing conventional wedding poses I lay in the street a few times and was put into all sorts of weird and wonderful positions. I also did some fashion stuff with Gaz and on my own. Every photographer I worked with was kind and considerate to me. It was fascinating seeing the different approaches each speaker took and how they worked with me. I certainly learned loads about photography and my work as a model. It's an incredibly privileged position to be in. I loved every single class I did.
Jade: I'd worked on one to one sessions with John before and when he said I'd be nude in sold out Superclasses it was a little daunting. It was nice that we started out with a fashion session out and about by the Thames. It was good to work with Della and John together. My next session was terrifying as I had to talk with John about my work as a nude model. I had never done anything like it before but by the end was buzzing and the questions from the audience were brilliant. After that I did a lot of fashion, nude and lingerie sessions. I loved them all, but floating in a bath of milk was definitely a highlight of the week!

Jade by John Denton

What did you make of us photographers?
Della: You were all wonderful! It feels a bit intimidating at times when there are loads of cameras pointing at me and everyone wanting a shot. John had taught me to control how I looked into them and respond to requests to 'look here' so as to avoid whiplash by trying to respond to everyone all at the same time! Some of my favourite times though were being in the bar and parties. So many people to talk to and everyone interested in sharing information and finding out who I was and what I was doing. I gave away all the business cards I came with and made contact with so many wonderful and interesting people from all over the world.
Jade: The Friday night Superclass was my scariest moment and I felt nervous before I walked out nude in front of a full house in the Octagon Suite. The moment I got started though it was fine. Everyone treated me with respect, apart from John of course! Like Della it was great working with different speakers and seeing the way they worked with me, explained things and the way audiences reacted. I love meeting new people and was in my element all week. There was always someone to talk to and I have way more contacts in the business now than ever before. On my last day I was outside trying to get a phone signal, when a lovely American asked if he could take a few pictures of me. It turned out to be Clay Blackmore and I had a fantastic hour or so shooting with him.

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