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by Tom Lee Published 01/08/2013

Take one shot with the green LEDs, flick the switch, shoot one shot with blue. In less than a second you have two images that can make full use of the technique above and blend them without missing a beat

Uneven Lighting on Backgrounds

Another great improvement for those of you with traditional systems, is 'Adaptive Colour'. One of the most important aspects of chromakey, is getting an even green or blue tone across your background. If you light the background separately and don't get the lighting quite right or the venue has some tricky and awkward lighting placement that you can't move, this single click selection could improve the key effect dramatically and enhance the fine edges and detail in your image. A caveat here though, some images are better without it (such as my sample image in this article), but you can tell just by toggling the button on the interface.

Additional Filter Effects

Working with Photokey Pro 6 as a standalone product now gives you access to some exciting new effects such as pseudo HDR using vibrance, half tone, half tone colour and leave colour. Of course any of these new filters can be used in combination and with a vast array of other filters already included in previous versions of the software.

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1st Published 01/08/2013
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