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Published 01/06/2009

By Kevin Casha

Marketing your work

As everyone knows, marketing yourself and your work is crucial in today's competitive world. Do not lose opportunities to get your images and name in publications, the internet, etc. Naturally, an updated website is a must. But go more for practicality than visual effects. The faster and easier your website is to navigate, the more people will look at your services and images. Today, time is at a premium and no one is willing to sit around until your website loads. It is more likely that they will click out. Also make it easy for clients to view the things they are interested in. Well-listed, intelligent drop down menus will take them to those specific areas of your work which actually interests them.

It is important that your website is easily amended so that you can change images and information regularly.

If you have done a lot of stock photography, try to use this in local papers or publications. Bartering these images with editorial space or adverts will get your name noticed by the general public. Issue press releases to the local papers for any excuse imaginable. Putting your images on sites such as Face book, Hi-5 and other such applications costs you nothing. It is amazing the number of youngsters (your main clients for sessions) who constantly use these sites. Getting exposure there will also contribute to your publicity and enlarge your client base.

The main thought behind your strategy is to keep your name and images appearing as frequently as you can. Good relations with your local press are very helpful but do not neglect other organisations that might have use for your images. Entering competitions and exhibitions helps to further market your work - and when you win, issue a press release!

Today most clients, especially models, will want electronic copies of their images. Most of them will be trying to find work through internet- and web-based media. Giving digital copies marked with your website name will reward you with lots of free web advertising. Be very efficient and punctual with your email replies. It is shocking how much work is lost because of the photographer not replying to requests from clients.

When selling your work, do not neglect the time needed to make the client's viewing experience a pleasant one. Prepare a good show of your best images - (digitally enhanced) with suitable background music. Have print samples in small and very large sizes so the client can compare. Allocate enough time so that you can guide and coax your clients into recognizing their requests and preferences, and servicing these needs fully.

Give the full service of lamination, mounting and framing of your images. Sign your enlargements before they are framed. Prepare visual presentations of your images and try to show these at fashion and modelling schools, as well as any other places prospective clients might be gathered.


Finally, to sum up, I think the most important factors that a photographer has to bear in mind in order to develop his business are the following:

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