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Published 01/08/2016

By John Denton

Several years ago I was presenting a workshop up in Ayr on behalf of the local camera club. The chair asked if a young lass could come along and see what we got up to as she might be interested in modelling. This cute little kid turned up with her mum, we took a few pictures and had a good chat about what was involved and that was that. Roll forward to May 2016 and I was in Glasgow for the Digital Imaging Show, sat in the foyer of the Premier Inn and chatting to that same cute kid, now a young woman and her mum once again.

Haylie had kept up her interest in modelling, hadn't done any shoots but was there to do a test shoot with a view to joining our team. It's always an exciting time when a brand new potential model comes forward like this. You can look at endless pictures of someone but it's only when you sit down and start talking that you get to know whether you'll get on, whether you'll be able to communicate effectively with each other, whether they'll look good in front of camera. As we sat and talked, a lot of worries fell away and it was time to get excited about shooting.

1st Published 01/08/2016
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