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Lighting lab on tour - part 4 of 1 2 3 4 5

by John Denton Published 01/08/2016

From there it was time to put Haylie's body confidence to the test. We'd talked through the fact that we need models who can work to nude levels and even though she seemed keen and confident you never truly know how somebody will feel until your into that part of the shoot. I always include it just after the first natural light sets so it's not hanging around like an elephant in the room. In this instance the room was the hotel room we'd had the previous night; not the most ideal of location but beggars can't be choosers. All were shot using the ambient light in the room as we didn't have time to set flashes up. Fortunately the white walls gave good reflected light. We started off to the side of the window on the only area of plain wall in the room. I asked Haylie to wear pants and a big shirt. I always find this a good introduction to a new subject on a nude/boudoir session as they are pretty much naked but have something to cover themselves a little with. I put plenty of energy into this part of the shoot and the subject reacts accordingly. Shot on 18-70mm lens, f4.5 at 1/50s, 640 ISO

We had half an hour to fit in as much as we could then. Credit to Haylie in that time we packed in half a dozen variations on the nude/boudoir theme and she proved that she could rock the look with all the confidence in the world. Unfortunately it was now time to check out and off to Hampden Park for the show. We arranged to meet Haylie and her family there to shoot a little street fashion around the car park. I always get excited when the shows are in stadia, particularly ones I haven't visited before. There's still an atmosphere in these places even when empty. Ghosts of great games, etc. Hampden didn't disappoint. It's a lovely low-rise structure so that it's almost a surprise when you see it hidden in the middle of a housing estate.

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1st Published 01/08/2016
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