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A look at the photographic life of Bjorn Thomassen - part 1 of 1 2 3 4

by Bjorn Thomassen Published 01/12/2016

With a photographic career spanning 25 years Bjorn Thomassen is able to reflect on many industry changes over that period. Bjorn’s first fanatical obsession was for darkroom printing and chemistry. His passion for the darkroom was such that he wondered if he’d ever re-emerge from an eerie world of red back to the relative normality of life in the daylight spectrum.

Shooting on roll-film followed by developing countless thousands of rolls to negatives, Bjorn concocted his own formulas of photographic chemistry for creating effects. Those formulas had to attain that vital archival property and as far as Bjorn is aware, his archival hand prints are still as vibrant today as when created between 20 and 25 years ago.

The obsessional darkroom period was to pass, giving way to an almost opposing obsession, for daylight. Bjorn became an avid student of light.

His quest for a greater understanding of this huge and exciting subject led him to believe “You could study light a lifetime, and still not have enough time”.

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1st Published 01/12/2016
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