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Marko Dutka Shoots Bath - part 3 of 1 2 3 4

by Marko Dutka Published 01/04/2011

Thankfully this is when you know that you have the right people because hair and make-up, styling and clothes are ready and Vicky our first model is ready to dip her toes into the temperate spring that is the pool

Not just one set of shots is taken but three, keeping all three retailers happy.

Using our Elinchrom Quadra pack means no wires to trip over, swift and safe movement of lights around a pool and ultimately no lightlypoached models at the end of the shoot. Not only do we have great images but we have assured the Health and Safety Officer that we are to be trusted.

No time to rest on our laurels as it's off to the second location. No problem with getting in the bathers' way but there's still that peach glow in the sky and it would be a shame to miss it. So to second model, Cassie, on her first ever shoot. A little bit of nerves calming and we are away with another set of images, again changing between retailers.

Then we move on to our final and main location, which is the original Georgian Cross Baths. We have this smaller pool all to ourselves, so we have the luxury of minding just our own business. The shoot continues smoothly. No dramas, no prima donnas, no tantrums and tiaras. Not much to report! Of course this may have lots to do with working with a team of people who all really know their jobs and who have all planned out their contributions to the smallest degree.

That's the secret, really - teamwork.

By 3pm we are ready for our last image. Our third model Becca climbs into the warm water up to her knees and I photograph her portrait from above with the limpid blue of the water silhouetting her perfectly

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1st Published 01/04/2011
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