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Marko Dutka Shoots Bath - part 4 of 1 2 3 4

by Marko Dutka Published 01/04/2011

The only thing that remains is to pack everything away. One day I hope that I will have a team of assistants to do this for me, a la Mario Testino, but right now it is simply Libby, my assistant today, and myself.

Finally the images are downloaded and backed up and I can go home

The next day the images are edited through and a selection made.

When I started taking photographs over a decade ago I started with film and more especially with colour transparency. No exposure latitude, no unlimited clicks of the shutter and only a Polaroid to check that everything was OK. Photography was a discipline and the slightest mistake was always punished. However, it meant that if you took this onboard you learnt to get it right in camera, learnt your lighting, learnt your composition and concentrated on creating something special - hopefully! Post-production was minimal. If it wasn't right on the slide, it wasn't used. This has its practical uses though. Designers spend a lot of time sourcing just the right colours and materials. They won't be endeared to photographers who place filters or electronic artefacts on the top of these. Of course we do post-production, but it isn't meant to be seen.So to the penultimate stage of the process - a former student of mine, Michael who is now a professional retoucher for a major publisher and who adds that little bit of sub-conscious magic to Studio Marko's images.

Attached to this article is his explanation of what he does with one of the images.

Finally the images were delivered to the magazine, just three days after the shoot, well within the publication deadline.

As this article is being written, the magazine is out: front cover, six pages, and 11 images. We are putting the final touches to the displays we will be having at various events connected with the fashion festival and we hope to directly access at least 600 people for our social portraiture.

A national fashion chain has now approached me about working with them and we have lots of new friends and supporters

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1st Published 01/04/2011
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