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Published 01/12/2010

The main advantage of adding pin-up looks to my boudoir sessions is in added sales. The added variety that pin-up looks bring to a photo session helps sell more images in my albums. Where the client might be reluctant to hang a wall portrait in lingerie they seem to more embrace the costumed look of a pin-up as acceptable to hang in wall sizes even in their living room. Pin-up portraits also make great fun samples to hang in your studio gallery and create a buzz!

Pin-ups are definitely looks that require costumes, props and professional hair and make-up to pull off. It takes a combination of talents to create the pin-up look. You can't get it by just putting a client with every day makeup and hair, in a pin-up dress - it simply doesn't work.

If you are thinking of adding pin-ups to your repertoire I strongly recommend that you find a qualified hair and make-up artist to work with. I'm lucky enough to work with a great hair and make-up artist, Amelia C. in Las Vegas who has studied the hair and make-up styles of the past and can quickly and easily recreate those looks with clients (see her notes overleaf ). I provide a make-up area in my studio and the clients pay my artist directly so there is no added cost for me. The benefit of having clients getting professional hair and make-up done is huge. It saves me time in retouching because Amelia gives every client a flawless complexion, covering any blemishes and enhancing their eyes and lips. As my client changes outfits, my artist changes her hairstyle, lip colour and eye shadow and that change in her look creates more variety which allows me to sell more images!

If you are doing boudoir now, I suggest you start offering pin-up looks as an addition to clients' lingerie looks. If you are not doing boudoir then pin-ups might be a great way to capture part of the market. It's definitely a trend that photographers can embrace!

Hair and Make-up


Hair and make-up is a vital ingredient that sets apart pin-up from
traditional boudoir. Just like the poses and clothing, the hair and makeup
is defined, clean, and slightly exaggerated.

Hair and Make-up

. Hair texture is smooth and sculpted. There are typically no loose, fly-away tendrils and every hair 'has its place' even if partially or alldown.
. Pin-Curls are used for everything from pulling the hair off the face in Victory Rolls, to smoothing the ends. There are no straight, sharp bits of hair sticking out.
· Accessories such as flowers, bandannas, or bows that perfectly match the wardrobe accentuate the 'perfectness' of the style.
· Make-up is crisp and sharp. No smudges or modern smokiness.
· Lipstick is a must and is firstly red, secondly pink, both vivid and bright. As the face is kept very simple, it's important to exaggerate the lips with bold, bright colour. Matt is the preferred finish.

. The trademark winged, defined black eyeliner with very light, slightly contoured neutral eye shadow creates the fresh-faced, young pin-up effect. See winged eye photo.
· Brows must be groomed and properly filled in for the ultimate flawless finish effect.
· Cheeks are rosy or pink, and on the apples of the cheek as opposed to the hollow of the cheekbone.

1st Published 01/12/2010
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