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Rolling with the BIG Dog - Part 8 - part 5 of 1 2 3 4 5 6

by Damian McGillicuddy Published

To tell the tale I was after, it started with Lesley and I rearranging furniture and 'raiding' his trophy cabinet! The framed image to the bottom right of the image frame is a picture of my Dad circa 1961 when he was captain of Widnes RLFC and the trophies above it on the sideboard are a tiny fraction of the 'battle honours' earned whilst in this position. The pictures you can just register in the extreme background are members of his family. In fact the 'Baby' is a 20x16-inch image of my now 16-year-old son which won me one of my very first national awards... so 'stage well set.

The pose was engineered to illicit a dignified strength in the facade of outward frailty. The key to the success of this image would be in lighting it.

The 'key' light was the omnipresent 19" beauty dish powered by the skyport triggered Nissin Di 866 speedlight. This light was set just out of frame to camera left positioned to give a 'Rembrandt' style light pattern. The dish was flagged to allow fall off of the light below the shoulder line and off the hands.

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