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Published 01/12/2013

By John Denton

Regular readers may recall the Goddess shoot that was featured here recently. Well we kind of revisited the theme in August, but this time took fire as our elemental theme for the Goddess.

The Goddess in question was Lotte Saedcantas. We'd met when over in Jersey earlier in the year but there wasn't time in the weekend to do a shoot (that's how hard HQ work me when on tour!) so we'd arranged for her to fly over and join us for a day at the studio.

We started off with my usual range of natural light and flash lit shots before we were joined by my regular styling team, make-up artist, Louise and hair stylist, Nicola.

This is always a good time in the shoot for me as I get to sit back for a while and watch fellow professionals go about their craft. Nicola had crafted two horns from chicken wire and was busy wrapping false hair around them before she'd blend it with Lotte's own to make a 'v' structure. This was to be echoed by Louise's make-up around the eyes and down Lotte's chest.

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