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John Denton's - Lighting Lab, The Alagrve We're going back again. - part 4 of 1 2 3 4 5

by John Denton Published 01/04/2017

The pool in the venue is stunningly clear and the sunshine gives great light through the water. I experimented with taking stills and freezing the models in motion but settled for taking video and using Lightroom to select the individual frame. The quality was remarkable and it's something I'm looking forward to exploring in more detail this trip along with my aquatically addicted friend, Jim Hansen, from Norway. He's been fully exploring the genre since winning a place on the last trip and is producing some beautiful results using a housing on his SLR.

Introducing: Model – Isla Rose

Q How long have you been modelling?
A On and off for around three years but last year decided I wanted to really give it a go.

Q Is that when you met up with John Denton?
A Yes, he found me on Facebook via a mutual friend. He dropped me a message asking if I'd like a test shoot. After looking through his work I jumped at the chance and thankfully the test went well and I became a part of the team.

Q Did you find it odd working to nude levels at all?
A No, my family have always been very relaxed about nudity as I was growing up. I had never shot nudes before the test session but John was professional and relaxed, and the whole session was a wonderful experience. Since then I've shot in small and large groups, and think nudes are my favourite genre of all. It makes you concentrate fully on your body position, your breathing and the emotion you're portraying in your face. It's tiring but liberating and I love seeing the finished results.

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1st Published 01/04/2017
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